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Le Thoureil
Le Thoureil

Discovery trails

You wish to discover the local heritage, on a short walk? You will appreciate our discovery tours.

The tours "Petites Cités de Caractère" in the Gennois

Le Thoureil and Chênehutte-Trêves-Cunault are 2 of the 13 villages listed as "Petites Cités de Caractère" in the Maine et Loire. For these, tours invite you to discover their rich history, from the Neolithic, to the merchant navy on the Loire, passing by the gallo-roman period.

These two villages have their own interactive information point working throughout the year. The one in Le Thoureil is located 27 quai des mariniers and the one in Chênehutte-Trêves-Cunault is at the Pont Pouillet's car park, at the entrance of Chênehutte when you are coming from Saumur.

Leaflets of these tours are available at the two information points, at the tourist office in Gennes, or can be downloaded on this site.

Discovering Gennes History (new in 2012-2013)

Travel through the past of Gennes by following a marked-up circuit (on the pavement), soon to be accompanied by a leaflet available at the tourist office. Encounter gladiators, nymphs, bargees, "Cadets de Saumur",…

Botanical walks

Members of the association "Villages and botanical walks in the South of the Saumur district", the villages of Louerre and Grézillé propose a botanical tour marked with information spots concerning the vegetation and architectural heritage.

  • From the Louerre church Car park, the tour "Essence des Bois" ("Wood nature") proposes a walk around the church and the wash-house.
  • At Grézillé Town Hall, you will find the leaflet for the tour "Arbres et arbustes à fruits" ("Fruit trees and shrubs"), which would guide you across the village.

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