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The Loire River and its local springs

The Loire River and its local springs

The Loire River and the streams which run into it offer a rich heritage to the Gennois.

The merchant navy on the Loire

Before the railway replaced the navy for the transport of the merchandises, the villages of Chênehutte, Trèves, Cunault, Gennes and le Thoureil were important ports on the Loire River. The harbours, weathercocks, rusty rings along the banks and graffiti carved into the tufa are still there to remind us of this period.

Le Thoureil is still called "the bargee's port" because of the traditional boats moored throughout the year. Enjoy a trip in a traditional boat (a "toue sablière"), with Rêves de Loire et d'ailleurs!

The boule de fort

Boule de fort is THE traditional game particular to Anjou. It was probably created by the bargees navigating on the Loire. They played with an asymmetrical wooden and steel ball in the hold of the boat. For a long time, the game was reserved to the men. Now everybody can practise it, on a curved floor, 20 metres long and 7 metres wide, with raised edges. Soft shoes must be worn!

In the district of Gennes, clubs still practise this traditional game and some of them are open to visitors. For more information, please contact the Tourist office.

The bridges of Gennes

Until the 19th century, the crossing of the river was made by ferry, a tax being paid to the lords of the Sous-le-Puy and Montjean chateaux.

Three different bridges have been built over the Loire -the first one in 1842- because of the increasing traffic. The current one dates from 1948-49 and replaced that of 1932, destroyed during the Second World War. (infos tirées du futur livret "circuit du patrimoine")

The local wash houses

The first part of the 19th century saw the conversion of the fountains and the construction of basins in which to wash the laundry. Around 1850, the construction of wash houses grew, encouraged by State funds.

That's the reason why we find many wash houses in and around Gennes, most of them with tufa walls, slate rooves and a porch to protect the washerwomen against the rain.

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