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Magdeleine Dolmen - Gennes
Magdeleine Dolmen - Gennes

Dolmens and standing stones

Angevin megaliths date from the Neolithic (between -5000 and -2000 BC).
The greatest concentration of dolmens and standing stones in Anjou is found in the Gennois.

Most of these megaliths are well preserved and some have given rise to myths and legends.



  • Etiau Dolmen
  • Caillère Dolmen -GPS : Lat 47.376015 - Long. -0.352282


Saint Georges des Sept Voies

Le Thoureil


There used to be an important Neolithic village at Le Thoureil, on a small plateau near the current cemetery. You can see a collection of flint and polished axes at the town hall.

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